Student Career


The threshold and a turning point of one's life where critical career decisions are so important should be reviewed by experienced people also. This eliminates any kind of lapse in career growth and course choice. If the student seeks job opportunities then proper feedback and information is given on available given employment opportunities.One needs to have a clear cut strategy in mind in carving out of one's career. The whole idea is how to put every individual's abilities and inclinations into proper channel and adopt that which makes more of himself or herself.Also it should be noted what new skills be undertaken which would help one carry on with his or her livelihood in a proper manner.


MILLI SERVICES regularly helps to unwind the tangles resulting out of sheer misunderstanding and issues. The whole idea is to keep the unity in the family and maintain integrity of it. One needs to have a strong commonsense and sublimity to counsel the warring factions.Ego clashes and mutual resolution of disputes should be taken into account with deep insight which helps efficient counselling.

Health issues are also dealt and counselled.

Student Career

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