Crops grown by people or animals kept for food and raw materials is known as farming. Farming is a part of agriculture.The cultivation of crops or raising of animals by people for the purpose of getting food, by products is called farming. It is a part of agricultural process. Many countries economies thrive and get contributed to with the entrepreneurial setups in these fields and lot of employment opportunities are existent in this.

BSF Farming

As the food consumption is varied for expanding population hence other means of intake sources too are there. Rabbit Farming is also one yielding source.

Fish Farming

The meaning of fish farming is that the fishes are raised in enclosures be they tanks, ponds or other types. The purpose of this for food production.

Goat Farming

Goat farming is lucrative venture and has been since ancient times.The purpose is for milk,meat and fibre. Low investment is needed due to varied utilities.

Sheep Farming

Sheep occupation is a common occupation in farming business all around the world. Rearing of sheeps has been done since long back. The purpose of sheep.

Poultry Farming

A very common farm business world wide catering to the food industry is Poultry farming.In this raising of birds is done. The basic concern is to obtain.