Farmer Awarness

Farmers Awareness Programme

Agriculture being the base profession of India has major contribution to the country's economy.As the population increases the growth in agricultural production too needs to be increased with the adoption of new trends.As the weather is uncertain and unfavourable climatic conditions pose a significant threat to the food yield of the country.

Calamities like severe floods or tempratures often effect the farmers directly which in turn affects agricultural production. However with latest weather forecasting conditions,the prediction of weather can be done upto fairly good extend though improbablity is all the time. However,with forcasting and latest measures it makes farming community better equipped prior preparation. So favourable economic,social and environmental concerns are there for farming fraternity.

The farmer Awareness Program was started in different parts of country by Ministry of Earth Sciences, India Meteorological Department (IMD), State Agricultural Universities (SAUs), Union/State Departments of Agriculture and different agencies with collaborative agencies.