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Cow Farming

In dairy cow farming, high milk productive cows are raised .Commercialisation of dairy cow is quite old and has been done since ancient times.The business of commercial dairy farming is still profit generating all over the world. There are quite number of new and already running dairy cow farms globally which have impressive yield.In the following passages,we look into the benefits of dairy cow farming business and important measures for beginning this lucrative business.

Advantages of Commercial Dairy Cow Farming Business

There are quite a number of benefits of beginning a commercial dairy cow farming.Further we enumerate in brief the main advantages of this business.
  • There is great demand of milk and its byproducts globally,which is the main plus point for venturing into the cow farming business.
  • A sector which has high appeal globally is this dairy cow business.
  • There will be no reduction is requirement for milk as the population increases so will also the demand of milk.This caters to both vegetarian and non vegetarians.
  • Marketing too is very easy of the yield and products obtained through dairy farming.
  • Dairy farming is an ecofriendly process and the pollution of the environment too does not happen which is a big advantage seeing the popularity of it world.
  • The family too lend a helping hand in this and participate in the activities of the business.
  • Proper strategizing, good management and timely evalutaion of all the process involved with requisite careful measures will ensure good economic returs.
  • Due to good breeds to choose from,you can select a breed with respect to the location of the business and other factors.
  • Quite high a number of financial bodies assist in the provision of capital for investing.

Dairy Cow Breeds

There so many breeds of cows that deciding becomes one of the crucial steps in cow farming business in deciding the breed.Some of the breeds are Amrit Mahal,Dangi,Dhanni,Gangatri,Gir,Guzerat.


Proper shelting needs to be ensured where proper facility for cross air flow ensuring adequate ventilation, proper drainage, dryness and cleanliness be there. Generally 80 square feet space and 40 square feet space inside the house is needed for every cow which may vary as per the breed. Housing in concrete is quite suitable.


Good food ensure proper health and more safety and convenience. Proper and adequate feeing should be ensured to the cows. Care should be there that they get proper nutrition. Forages are the common types of feed which are used in raising dairy cows.
The supplementation with cereal grains to the dairy cow's feed helps a lot.Greens also help in reduction of cost of feed.Greens like Alfalfa,Timothy,Clover etc are worth mentioning.If possible grazing place or pasture for your cows is very advantageous. Clean and fresh water is highly important. It is noteworthy that for dairy cows more water is required than any other animals. Generally about 5 litres of water is utilized by the body for production of 1 litre of milk. So there should be provision for sufficient amount of water in accordance to the cattle's need.

Care & Management

The follow ups in caring and looking after various needs on timely basis prominently determines betweenn success and failure in any animal or husbandry set up. So that should be ensured. Feeding of nutritious food and provision for proper amount of clean and fresh water should be taken into account. Timely health checkup and proper vaccination is necessary.Its ideal to have some stock of necessaray


Milking in calm and quiet place also affects the quantity. It is suggested to have a separate place for milking of cows. Both hand milking and machine milking can be done. Ensuring of proper measures in making the cows comfortable as possible during the time you are milking.


It is utmost necessary for chalking out the plan before beginnning the business.As products of dairy have great demand there are many companies also available in many areas. Local market can be tried.Like in any other commercial establishment cow farming has its own challenges. The good news is that since it has been quite an old business since ancient times hence the odds to quite an extend and accounted and preventive and other dealing measures are taken properly.